Main Cattery

Each chalet is heated and has 2 large windows that overlook an open field or the garden.  There is a large sleeping area that is heated and has shelves and a window.  The main chalet has shelves, a window and plenty of space for your cat to wander about. 

The design of the main cattery allows it to stay warm in the winter and remain cool in the summer.

Our chalets are larger than required even to meet the 5 star specification, giving plenty of space.  We have 2 and 3 cat chalets available, we can interconnect to allow larger families to stay together.

There is a radio on so all guests can keep up to date with current affairs, bop along to a tune or just lay back and relax.

The Whites

Our UPVC units have an outdoor exercise area and a heated full height sleeping area, both have shelves at different levels.  Each chalet can accommodate 2 cats of the same family and we have 2 that interconnect allowing a family of 3 or 4 to stay together.

We have everything that your cat will need during their stay, but you are very welcome to bring with you anything that will help them enjoy their holiday with us. Such as a bed, blanket, toys, scratchpost etc..